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About UHDZ

With top ten advantages of resources, geographical position, location, policy, industry, service, brand, land, financial power and fund-raising, Urumqi State High-tech Industrial Development Zone (Xinshi District) has all kinds of state-level and local policies of Generalized System of Preference available for those companies that settle down in the zone, with overall advantages of special location, brand, service, system, financial power, fund-raising and industrial supporting facilities and so on..

A Division of Development, Innovation, Opening, and Harmony

With the management system of " Based on joint construction of the Zone a...


The important carrier to promote technical progress and enhance self-innovation capability.

Powerful engine for driving the regional economic structure adjustment and transformation of economic growth mode.

Service platform for hi-tech enterprises to ”go out” to join international competition.

Forward position for racing to control the commanding elevation of hi-tech industry in the world.

Contact Us

Add: No258. Gaoxin Street, Urumqi City, Xinjiang, China

P/C: 830011

Business hotline: 0991-3678888  3678666

Website: http://www.uhdz.gov.cn

Regional Planning

According to Urumqi City Master Plan 2009-2020, Urumqi State High-tech Industrial Development Zone will take two sections as key construction projects:

The first section refers to an urban center with beautiful surroundings and modern facilities which is dominated by commerce and trade, business, and administrative office and highlighted by the headquarters' economy, merging dwelling, education, research, recreation and sports, and ecology into a single wh...



Xinjiang is rich in mineral resources covering 80.7% of developed mineral species in China. Ranking first in China with 9 kinds of mineral reserves such as petroleum, natural gas and coal, among which, natural gas resources accounting for 34% of national land resources, petroleum 30%, and coal up to 40% of national resources, it is an essential res...

Leading Industries

It takes new-type industrialized road, vigorously develops high-tech industry, puts emphasis on the leading role of strategic new-type industry, gives full

play to the industrial cluster and its advantages, so as to form a characteristic

high-tech industrial cluster gearing to the need of Central As...

Investment Cost

Low Cost of Supporting Facilities

The enterprises entering this Industrial Zone, except the expenses expressly charged by Urumqi city, the autonomous region and the state, will be free from all kinds of charges required by the finance items at same level as Urumqi State High-tech Industrial Development Zone (Xinshi District), inc...

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